In a marketplace over saturated with boutique handmade clothing makers and designers you always have to stay one step ahead and make yourself stand out from your competition. 

In the handmade boutique world the materials you use to develop your end product need to be amazing and as unique as your business. 

Many will say, "but my customers won't pay more for a dress.".  Are you sure of that?  If you put something amazing and unique in front of them, something they "need" to have, it will be hard to say no, even at your increased cost.

It is for this reason that Kammie Lou Lou's is excited to announce the start of its "exclusively yours" custom fabric design and print service.

We will design your fabric and have it printed on our high quality base fabric with our custom printers.  You will get beautiful designs on high quality fabric bases.  The days of itchy, stiff fabric as your custom printing options are gone.

With minimum orders at just 15 yards, this service if sure to fit the budget of even the small and growing handmade boutique business.

Share with us your vision, share with us your ideas and we'll help bring you an exclusive fabric that will be only yours.

 What's my investment?

What is the process from start to finish?

How do I reserve my custom spot now?